Welcome to my world of arranging and composing. Many years ago, I discovered a passionfor rewriting, changing and expanding great works of music for other instruments or using it as an inspiration in the creation of my own work. In a way, even at the beginning of my music studies in 2003, I was already being confronted with the art of arranging music through the numerous performance opportunities, in which there was a desire for something other than the original clarinet repertoire. I’ve learned a great deal over the years and am constantly exploring new ways of broadening my knowledge. In the meantime, a lot has accumulated in my database, which I want to work through and make available at no cost to people around the world.

My top priority always remains unchanged: I treat the original work with great respect, without letting any artistic/moral concerns or limitations stand in the way. I see this as my artistic license, my right both as arranger and performer.

I would be very grateful to you, as well as the promoters, for any mention or reference to me as arranger/composer!

If you have any comments, information (e.g., any obvious errors), requests for changes, ideas or questions, please write to me via my contact form.